25 Sun
26 Mon Welcome BBQ 5:00PM
27 Tues
28 Wed Capture the Flag (Meet at Cut) 6:30PM
29 Thurs Half Price 10:00PM
30 Fri Hike and S'mores 7:30PM
31 Sat
1 Sun Service Event* 5:00PM
2 Mon Brunch 12:00PM
3 Tues
4 Wed Trivia @The Yard* 9:00PM
5 Thurs Half Price 10:00PM
6 Fri
7 Sat Rock Climbing* 5:30PM
8 Sun NFL Day 8:30PM
9 Mon Delts Dine Out* 6:00PM
10 Tues
11 Wed Biddee Dinner* 6:00PM
12 Thurs
13 Fri Pledge Night* 6:30PM
14 Sat



*invite only

All events meet at our house, 5033 Forbes Ave.


Contact our Director of Recruitment, Joe Iacobellis, at 631-627-4600 if you have any questions.

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