26 Sun
27 Mon Welcome BBQ 4:30PM
28 Tues
29 Wed Yoga on the Cut 5:30PM
30 Thurs
31 Fri EDM on the Porch 8:00PM
1 Sat Rock Climbing* 5:30PM
2 Sun Interviews Start
3 Mon Brunch 12:00PM
4 Tues
5 Wed Casino Game Night 7:30PM
6 Thurs
7 Fri Hike and Smores* 8:00PM
8 Sat
9 Sun Service Event* 4:00PM
10 Mon Delts Dine Out* 6:00PM
11 Tues
12 Wed Biddee Dinner* 6:00PM
13 Thurs
14 Fri Pledge Night* 6:30PM
15 Sat



*invite only

All events meet at our house, 5033 Forbes Ave.

Half Price

We will be going to Oakland to get half price food every Tuesday and Thursday during rush. Meet at the house at 10:00PM if interested.


Contact our Director of Recruitment, Zuhayer Quazi, at (510) 371-2063 if you have any questions.